Account Manager

Job Brief

We are looking for a highly skilled Account Manager to lead our accounting endeavors. This pivotal role involves overseeing, monitoring, and evaluating our day-to-day accounting activities. As an Account Manager, you will be instrumental in shaping our financial status through the development and implementation of sophisticated systems for gathering, analyzing, verifying, and reporting financial data.


Leadership and Oversight: Spearhead the daily operations of the accounting department, ensuring excellence and efficiency in handling:

Monthly and year-end financial processes.

Management of accounts payable and receivable.

Oversight of cash receipts, general ledger maintenance.

Payroll and utility bill processing.

Treasury and budget management.

Cash flow forecasting.

Analysis of revenue and expenditure variances.

Reconciliation of capital assets and trust account statements.

Coordination of check runs and fixed asset and debt management activities.


Data Analysis and Reporting: Vigilantly monitor and analyze accounting data to compile comprehensive financial reports and statements, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial disclosures.

Policy and Compliance: Develop, implement, and uphold stringent accounting methods, policies, and principles to foster a culture of compliance and operational integrity.

Audit Coordination: Lead and facilitate the completion of annual audits, working closely with external auditors to maintain and enhance financial accuracy and accountability.

Strategic Recommendations: Offer insightful recommendations aimed at optimizing financial performance and strategic financial planning.

System Improvements: Actively seek opportunities to refine and enhance accounting systems and procedures, driving initiatives for corrective action to ensure operational efficiency.

Team Management and Project Oversight: Direct and assign projects to accounting staff, ensuring tasks are executed with precision and compliance, thereby contributing to the department's overall accuracy and efficiency.

Financial Objectives: Commit to achieving financial accounting objectives, aligning departmental goals with the broader financial strategy of the organization.

Record Keeping: Meticulously establish and maintain fiscal files and records, documenting all transactions with the utmost accuracy and integrity, to ensure a robust and transparent financial framework.

Qualifications and Requirements

Professional Background: Must have significant experience in roles like Accounting Manager, Accounting Supervisor, or Finance Manager.

Technical Skills: Advanced skills in MS Office, accounting software, and database management with a strong ability to analyze large datasets.

Accounting Proficiency: Solid understanding of bookkeeping, accounting principles, and regulations with a high attention to detail and accuracy.

Leadership: Demonstrated ability to effectively lead and supervise a team.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is a must.

Experience: Requires a minimum of 8 years in a relevant field.


Account Management, Microsoft Office, Account Planning, Project Estimation, Cost Management, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Accounting Software, Teamwork