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“Future Cities for Engineering Consultations” is our true identity, and it means that we anticipate and apply all new technologies to serve humanity.

I and the team participating with me with its various cadres in Future Cities for Engineering Consultancy and its affiliated group, we are honored to provide our engineering consultancy services, smart technologies and innovations, which are more than four inventions that we offer to our customers, and we are working to devote efforts to localize and attract innovations and modern technological techniques for the benefit of the Two Holy Mosques according to the latest standards International and local scientific, our principle is to work with complete transparency and efficiency during our dealings and business and in everything we produce for our customers.

We have also taken it upon ourselves to be one of the soldiers of our dear country, with our unique and effective contributions as a private sector within civil society institutions, to improve lifestyles in the Kingdom, and to be one of the partners and makers of success stories in the country.

And we will be partners in achieving and developing the Kingdom's vision 2030, God willing. Finally, we will not delay in harnessing our expertise to provide the services required of us, and use global centers of expertise to meet the needs of our valued customers. We tell our clients: We are Urban Informatics, smart cities, and we are Geomatics, Geo-Informatics, applications of spatial intelligence, designs and engineering supervision in civil engineering. We have one motto in Future Cities and its group which is “Urban engineering with innovative technology and a clean environment at your fingertips”.

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Our Story

Since its inception in 2005 as the prestigious Amiral company, and evolving into its current form in 2014, Future Cities for Engineering Consultation proudly embodies over 16 years of accumulated expertise in the engineering and consultancy realm. Today, we stand as a beacon of innovation and excellence, driven by our commitment to shape the future of urban environments.

Our journey, spanning over a decade and a half, culminates in 2021 with a rich tapestry of experiences and achievements. We have emerged as an independent entity, solely focused on pioneering the cities of tomorrow. Our vision is to be at the forefront of the new development era, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and high-stake competitions to bring about transformative change.

At our company, we redefine modernity. Our approach integrates global and local expertise with advanced technological solutions. We offer comprehensive engineering, consulting, and supervisory services, specializing in smart planning, smart cities, and smart geo-informatics. Our mission is to sculpt the contemporary urban landscape within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aligning our efforts with the National Transformation Program 2020. Our aim is to enhance societal institutions, improve lifestyle quality, and upgrade transportation and infrastructure, ultimately contributing to the realization of the Saudi Vision 2030 and its subsequent milestones.

Our Company prides itself on adhering to international and national standards, holding quality and ISO certifications, and establishing global partnerships and technological innovations. We are a recognized entity on prominent Saudi platforms such as Ihkam, Etimad, Baladi, collective housing, and more, offering specialized services in licensing, design, and various other domains. At Future Cities for Engineering Consultations, we are not just building cities; we are laying the foundations for a future of unparalleled possibility and progress.

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