Hydrological Studies for the Sudair Solar Project

Larsen & Toubro, ACWA Power, Public Investment Fund
Sudair - Al Riyadh
Project Area: Hydrological and Environmental Consultancy
Year: 2021
Project status: Completed


The Sudair Solar Project, a landmark initiative in renewable energy, is being supported by Future Cities for Engineering Consultations through comprehensive hydrological studies. This vital aspect of the project involves an in-depth analysis of the region's water resources, understanding the hydrological cycle, and assessing the impact of solar infrastructure on local water systems. Our team is employing state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to ensure that the Sudair Solar Project is developed in harmony with the environment, particularly with respect to water management and conservation. These studies are crucial for ensuring the sustainability of the project, minimizing environmental impact, and optimizing the use of natural resources.