Reengineering: One of the business management strategies that is based on the analysis and design of workflow mechanisms and processes in the organization and its basis is to inquire about the added value provided by each step in the process and to remove those steps that do not provide added value.

Reengineering is the basis for many important administrative concepts, including business process re-engineering, continuous improvement of procedures and processes, process automation, electronic services, knowledge management and institutional performance measurement.

The process of re-engineering government services procedures provides an opportunity for the higher government administration to consider its services and determine their usefulness and effectiveness, and if it can be carried out in a less costly manner within the conditions of citizen comfort. Our service in this regard covers the following:

  • Digital transformation solutions in the documentation sector.
  • Digital transformation solutions in the licenses and permits sector.
  • Preparing mechanisms to monitor performance measurement indicators for managers, including time, cost, quality and risk.
  • Study the current status of work and procedures, analyze gaps and identify areas for improvement.
  • Digital transformation solutions in smart applications.