Study on Enhancing Medium and Small City Growth for Balanced, Sustainable Urban Development

Client: Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
Corporate: Dar Geomatics / Panoramic Imaging and Data Processing
Location: 32 Cities in the Kingdom
Project Scope: Planning and Geomatics Consultation
Year: 2018
Project status: Completed


The motive of this project is spearheading a pivotal study on enhancing the growth of medium and small cities, aimed at fostering balanced and sustainable urban development. This study is critical in paving the way for a more distributed urban growth pattern, ensuring that smaller cities are not left behind in the race for development. Our team is diving deep into the factors that contribute to the vitality of these cities, examining socio-economic trends, infrastructure needs, and environmental sustainability. We are committed to formulating strategies that not only promote growth but also ensure that it is harmonious with the surrounding environment and beneficial to the local communities.